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About Us

Change the Demand is an outgrowth of Aaron Hansel’s work to eliminate human trafficking. He recently produced the award-winning video documentary, “Trafficked No More,” which aired on every major TV station in the state of Nevada (www.traffickednomore.org). By producing this documentary, Aaron understands that there are two parts to the trafficking equation: the supply and the demand. The demand is primarily provided by men who have been influenced and driven by the pornography industry. Many of these men have a true desire to eliminate this habitual dependence, but need help doing so. The “Men’s Journey to Freedom” course is a program intended to be a starting point. It offers 30 days of daily instruction to help men begin to address their habits and thoughts. The goal is to provide a solid, Christian, foundation to enable further counseling, if needed. The mission of Change the Demand is to move men into the light, helping them demand excellence from themselves as men and fathers.

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