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Confidentiality Statement

To be most beneficial to you, you will be provided with as much privacy as is possible. To this end, your confidentiality is protected both by law and by the ethical guidelines of “Change the Demand.” This means that no one outside of “Change the Demand” is given any information without your written consent. There are three exceptions which you should note:

  1. If, you contact us, indicating you are in danger of seriously harming yourself or others.
  2. If any kind of current abuse, (e.g., child, elder or spousal) is suspected.
  3. In rare circumstances, if a court order is issued, requiring information release.

Any and all contact information gathered by “Change the Demand” will be held strictly confidential within the bounds of the noted exceptions. If you have any questions regarding our confidentiality policy, we encourage you to discuss them with us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Further participation in this program indicates an understanding and agreement of the above terms.

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