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Change The Demand PresentsMen's Journey to Freedom

The goal and purpose of Men’s Journey to Freedom, is to call men to possess and live in freedom from the bondage of pornography and the commercial sex industry. This call involves the challenge for men to gain healing, restore proper boundaries, healthy relationships and effective leadership. The end result of this journey will be stronger marriages, relationships, fathers and leaders in the home and community.

Men’s Journey to Freedom will target 3 vital areas:

Our initial offering is a 30 day program entitled the “Men’s Journey to Freedom.” It is intended to guide men out of the darkness into the light, in three areas:
  • The Spirit and Inner-man – 10 teaching sessions
  • The Mind Will and Emotions – 10 teaching sessions
  • Family and Influences – 10 teaching sessions
Each overall topic consists of 10 short video lessons, accompanied by worksheets for each session. There is also a bound workbook available for purchase which contains all the worksheets, and can be used as a text for small groups or individual study.

The goals of this course are:

The first 10 days are designed to give men the tools for effective change. Acting out through pornography is usually the result of a greater issue of the heart, hurt, abuse, or trauma that needs to be addressed.

The second 10 day block gives tools to men to build solid and supporting boundaries for the changes being made in the heart.

Men are called to STRENGTH, LEADERSHIP, and POWER and the Hebrew letter, the Aleph, used in this program, carries this meaning. This emblem becomes a reminder of this calling and the last 10 sessions help men live and achieve it.

*Each session will be taught by a counselor or pastor via online streaming video. Accompanying workbook with notes, questions, and further teachings are provided in a PDF format. You will need the Adobe Reader to view PDF files it is free and easy to use

You also can purchase the workbook from Amazon if you prefer a printed workbook.

Are you ready to get started?
Its time to step out of the darkness and into the light.

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