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Day 21 - Facing and Managing Change

Pursuing change as a positive force in your life.

Workbook day 21 (PDF content)

Day 21
Facing and Managing Change

Rarely is change comfortable unless we are the one initiating the change. Change, whether forced or unexpected, will change the dynamic of our lives. There are times in our lives that change is forced upon us without our input or agreement.

  • Job
  • Finances
  • Tragedy
  • Illness
Q: What significant change do you feel life has forced upon you?
Q: How did you deal with the change?

Sometimes men won’t change unless the pain is great enough.

“We’re comfortable where we are at unless we feel something is broken.” – Steve Beason
In life, we frequently come up against the fact that we need change in:

  • Weight/health
  • Relationships
  • Finances
  • Vehicles/possessions

Sometimes change is welcomed. Other times we can fuss about changes wanted by others if we don’t see the need for the change. Sometimes we do not see things as broken, or the state of “brokenness” may be subject to opinion. At other times, we just live with the situation and will not change, because men can be stubborn.

Q: Have others suggested that there are areas of your life you need to change? If so, what?
Q: How did you respond to their suggestion?
Q: Do you recognize any areas of your life that need change? If so, what are they?

Often times when we are involved with things like pornography we know that it causes pain and destruction. If we can see the pain that is coming, we can divert ourselves before we get there. If that approximately 60% of men in the church are struggling with pornography, we know something needs to change. Pain is an indicator that change needs to take place.

Managing Personal Change
  1. Have a plan
    1. Get counsel
    2. Do your homework
    3. Avoid procrastination
  2. Put away things that prevent change
  3. Establish reasonable goals
  4. Make success measurable
  5. Don’t give up
  6. Re-assess along the way

Review this list in respect to your life, and begin to formulate a plan: specific steps and timelines for action. For example, who can you work with as a mentor? What homework can you find to do? What barriers need to be removed to progress forward? Consider how to measure yourself in these areas.

Q: What things do you need to put away that are preventing change?
Q: What are some reasonable goals you can set in your plan?