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Day 23 - Healthy Sexuality

Understanding and approaching the good side of sexuality.

Workbook day 23 (PDF content)

Day 23
Healthy Sexuality

What does healthy sexuality mean in a society like ours that is inundated with sex and sexual images? Where do we begin to lift the fog of confusion so that we can build healthy sexual boundaries and not be consumed with the perversion that is so rampant and easily accessible?

This really is a tough subject to cover in one session or even in this workbook. I would like to encourage you to sit with a life coach, pastor, or counselor to help you define and build healthy sexuality.

What is Sexuality? Webster's Dictionary defines sexuality as:
  • The sexual habits and desires of a person
  • the quality or state of being sexual:
    1. The condition of having sex
    2. Sexual activity
    3. Expression of sexual receptivity or interest especially when excessive
There are many ways to tackle this subject, but in this course we are going to focus on few items of sexuality.

  1. Pleasure – God designed and created sex. God knows how society and the devil have twisted this gift into a violation of the boundaries He placed on it.

    Q: Are you “out of bounds” in regards to your sexuality? What does that look like?

  2. Connection – Sex is intended to bring a man and a woman together as one in the bonds of marriage. Sexual boundaries are often violated in pursuit of pleasure. Intimacy is a form of being connected.

    Q: How do you connect with people you are close to? (e.g. family, spouse, children)

  3. Boundaries – We must be careful what we allow ourselves to be exposed to. The media, movies, or magazines will give an unrealistic view of sexual expectations. It is good to sit with a pastor or Christian counselor to discuss sexuality because our understanding is limited.
Sexuality is Not Lust

Lust is a selfish uncontrolled desire to get pleasure for yourself. Lust dictates how you respond to a sexual situation or sight. Having the thought is not necessarily sin, it’s what you do with the thoughts that can lead you to sin. In its root, pornography is about selfishness.

Q: How do you handle the thoughts of lust?
Q: What will you need to do or change in regards to lust?

Lust is where our battle is and where we need to fight. Sin will take you farther than you want to go and cost you more than you’re willing to pay.

Q: How do you think you could begin to embrace your own sexuality?
Q: How can you separate your sexuality and make it holy unto the Lord?