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Day 30 - A New Mandate

A charge to carry your success forward into a life of excellence.

Workbook day 30 (PDF content)

Day 30
A New Mandate

Congratulations! YOU DID IT!! I hope this 30 day experience has been of value to you. I know it has been a lot of information and work. Change is not easy and rarely welcomed, but necessary if we, as men, are going to end the demonic destruction from pornography. I hope there have been some breakthroughs, victory, and healing in your life.

I am sure you have heard the old saying, “hurt people hurt people,” and that is true, but I also believe, “healed people heal people.” My biggest prayer is that the healing process has begun in your life. The challenge for you on this final day is this: LIVE!

  • Live for God
  • Live for your family
  • Live life

If you need to repeat this journey, then do it. This is about you and me, as men living a life of FREEDOM from the bondage and destruction that pornography causes. I also want to offer you this challenge. Grab another man and go through the 30 days with him. This will cause you to keep going strong, and now you will pour into another man who needs healing. Where you have been influenced in the past, you now can become an influencer. We need strong men to influence other men in the path of healing and freedom.

If this has been of value to you, please consider a donation to Change the Demand so we can continue this healing work for men. You can donate on our website at www. ChangeTheDemand.com. Also, please make sure we have your e-mail address to keep you up to date on the next journey, The Position of a Father. This will highlight the need we have for true fathers in our society.

You all are my heroes! Thank you for your passion for freedom!

Aaron Hansel


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