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Day 9 - Is Pornography Hurting Anyone?

A frank discussion of this “victimless” crime.

Workbook day 9 (PDF content)

Day 9
Is Pornography Hurting Anyone?

Is pornography a victimless crime that is merely a harmless expression of “boys being boys,” or does it cause real harm? As you watch this powerful teaching by Dave Morgan, I would ask you to take the extra time, and even watch this session again if you’d like. Journal some of your thoughts regarding this teaching in the areas listed below, especially in light of the question, “Does pornography hurt anyone?”

Wives (or significant others)






Pornography creates nothing but havoc, destruction, and despair. At its root, pornography is demonically influenced and driven. It is one of the most destructive forces that is destroying families, homes, and society.

  • Is destructive to marriages
  • Is destructive to spiritual health.
  • Is destructive to children and their future relationships.
  • Is destructive to individuals.
  • Drives the purchasing of sex, prostitution, and human trafficking.
Trust can be lost in a moment. Regaining trust is about learning to believe in that person and even ourselves again.

Q: Do you trust in yourself? What about people, and God?
Q: How will you take this teaching today personally?

“Pornography doesn’t hurt anyone, it hurts everyone.” – Dave Morgan