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Day 12 - Managing Temptation

We have the power to overcome our inevitable challenges.

Workbook day 12 (PDF content)

Day 12
Managing Temptation

According to Dictionary.com manage means:
  • To bring about or succeed in accomplishing, sometimes despite difficulty or hardship:
  • To take charge or care of.
  • To dominate or influence (a person) by tact, flattery, or artifice.
  • To handle, direct, govern, or control in action or use.
  • To wield (a weapon, tool,).
According to Dictionary.com temptation means:
  • The act of tempting; enticement or allurement.
  • Something that tempts, entices, or allures.
  • The fact or state of being tempted, especially to evil.

This session, by definition, is designed to help men control or take charge of (in action or use) that which entices with a strong desire or an incredible urge to evil. The reality is we cannot control anything or anyone outside of ourselves. We are responsible for our own thoughts, feelings, actions, and choices.

Q: How do you begin to control your thoughts?
Q: How do you begin to control your actions?
Q: How do you begin to control your feelings?

When you get to Day 15 “Lust vs. Maturity as Men,” you will have a similar question proposed to you regarding your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Today’s question is about control and whether it’s possible. Day 15 deals with the responsibility we have in these areas.

Temptation is ever-present and all around us. I want to give you some scriptures that can help fight the battle of temptation. Often we are told to flee, or run from temptation, but as stated in an earlier session,“You can’t run from what’s in you.” So where are we to flee to? The answer is God.

Use scripture to combat the rush of thoughts and temptations. Let’s look at how temptation works
  • Temptation appeals through the eyes. – Genesis 3:1-6
  • Temptation is harder to resist when under pressure or tired. – Genesis 39:9
  • Without God, temptation is too great for anyone. – Judges 1:1
  • Don’t entertain temptations. – 2 Samuel 11:3-4
  • Temptation attacks weak spots. – 1 Kings 11:3
  • Temptation distracts us from our commitments and priorities. – Jeremiah 2:2
  • Temptation is real. – Matthew 4:1
Q: What are some scriptures that you use that will help you in the battle with temptation?

  • Best weapon against temptation is scripture. – Matthew 4:3
  • Temptation is attractive and convincing. – Matthew 4:6
  • God never leads us into temptation. – Matthew 6:13
  • Giving into temptation feeds doubts. – Luke 4:3
  • We are not immune to temptation. – Acts 5:3

Q: How can you use these scriptures and what other scriptures to help understand the function and purpose of temptation?
  • Temptation will never leave us. We must learn to deal with it in the right manner.
  • Marriage will not eliminate sexual temptation.
  • Temptation will snowball if not cut off.
  • Temptation is not a sin; giving into temptation is.
  • Temptation is satisfying right desires in wrong ways.

Q: What are some ways you plan to deal with temptation when it comes?