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Day 15 - Lust vs. Maturity as Men

A consideration of how men can move to a higher place.

Workbook day 15 (PDF content)

Day 15
Lust Vs. Maturity As Men

How do we deal with lust in a mature way? Every man has been exposed and slightly molded by the sexual “standards” that have been set by TV, movies, soap operas, and magazines. Every man wants to know if they “measure up.”

Q: What does this mean to you?

Sex is not designed to be just purely physical. We are all looking for good, loving relationships and connections with our spouses. Having casual sex leaves men truly empty. Lust is defined as: “Intense sexual desire or appetite” (Dictionary.com). This sexual drive is created within men. God gave sexual desire. It really is a gift from God, and this gift is designed to breed intimacy and form a strong bond with our spouse in marriage. There is so much sexual stimulation presented to men on a daily basis. You must realize that the Devil wants to corrupt and contaminate your sexual passions to prevent true intimacy with your spouse and with God.

Q: What are you doing with your sexual passion?
Q: Have you allowed your sexual desire to be misused and cause damage?

Maturity allows us to see ourselves and women as the incredible, complex beings that God created. Men and women alike are priceless individuals who each have their own beautiful heart and likeness to God.

Q: How would a mature man view a woman?

There are four areas in which men mature:
  1. Self-Control – Men are not animals.
  2. Selflessness – Sex is never to be selfish. Sex is not to be for the short-term.
  3. Responsibility – We are responsible for our own thoughts, feelings, attitudes, desires, and actions.
  4. Commitment – Sex is designed for the long-term within marriage.
Q: Take a moment and reflect on how you are taking responsibility in each of the areas mentioned above and briefly describe areas where you need to mature regarding your thoughts, attitudes about women and sex, desires that happen daily, and subsequent actions.

“Following God is never about religion but relationship.” – Steve Beason
Understand the desires you have and how they are being fed. Take responsibility and make changes in the areas of your life that need the change.

Q: How are you developing your personal maturity in these areas?