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Workbook day 16 (PDF content)

Day 16
Horns and Halos of the Internet

“The Internet is a messenger. If you don’t like the message, don’t kill the messenger; just take control of the message.” – Dave Morgan

The messenger (the Internet) is at the mercy of the one who chooses to send and receive messages or information. If you don’t like the message, what you are seeing, hearing, or receiving, you can turn it off.

Q: How can you make the Internet work for you and not against you?

A moment’s curiosity can be satisfied with the click of a mouse, and hidden with another click. One of the greatest challenges for men is the Internet’s infinite variety, instant information, and countless choices. Whatever you are drawn to or are hungry for emotionally, can be found there. It offers an enormous amount of information, and can supply whatever it is you are craving.

“Internet time is not relationship time. Time spent on the internet is time spent in isolation.” - Dave Morgan
Q: Is the Internet a blessing or a curse for you?

Use the Internet wisely.
  • Know the information you need before getting on the Internet. Get what information you need, or accomplish the task, and get off. A lot of time and energy is wasted “surfing the net.”
  • Recognize the amount of time you spend on the Internet, in both work related and social uses.
  • Seek accountability using the internet. I personally had my wife create a password for the computer and not tell me. Whenever I need to get on-line, I must go to my wife first.
  • Place the computer in an open area of your home.

I have read that nearly 60% of men who are Christians and attend church, struggle with pornography. Internet pornography encompasses approximately 4 million websites and is highly addictive. This type of heavy internet use can easily isolate men from personal and family relationships.

If you are constantly on the Internet for work or other reasons, and internet pornography is a problem for you, here is a list of filters for you to consider