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Following are several additional resources for you. We have no association with any of these, nor are receiving any compensation for offering them here. We simply want to offer a few additional paths for further freedom.

http://www.theseejourney.com The SEE Journey - Strategic Emotional Exchange is a creative approach to mastering one's emotional state by exchange rather than suppression. SEE addresses this exchange process, emotional forgiveness, and the identification and elimination of destructive strongholds in thinking.

http://www.curethecraving.com Resources and counseling programs for men, women, wives, and parents

http://www.pureheartministries.net An innovative, World War II themed approach to freedom from pornography addiction. Pureheart Ministries provides group and individual Christian counseling.

http://www.recoveryconnection.org/pornography-addiction-treatment/ A resource clearing house for receiving both online programs and counseling, with 24/7 hotline phone/chat service.

http://www.pornaddictsanonymous.org/ A more traditional 12-step approach to recovery.

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